We are sorry to have to tell you that The Garden at The Bannut will not be opening to the public in 2014.

After thirty happy years creating and enjoying our garden – we are retiring and moving on.

However we are leaving everything  in very good hands, and the new owners hope to reopen the Garden and the Tea Room at a future date.

Maurice & Daphne Everett

A garden of many parts…

The Garden at The Bannut is a garden of many parts, each one with its own particular character, and with winding grassy paths leading the visitor on, from one surprise to the next.

Even on the short walk around the house the garden’s character changes: from the heather garden (also the home of our lovely Bannut tree, to  the little shady Lion Garden planted with  magnolias, pieris hydrangeas etc,  to the south side of the house where, in the summer,  visitors are always stopped in their tracks by a colourful  bed of subtropical plants, and on to the Side Garden, with its traditional lawns, borders and island beds.

The garden was never designed as a whole, but has evolved over the years. Our vegetable garden (we never seemed to have the time) became two formal garden rooms, whose beds overflow with colourful herbaceous plants throughout the summer.  Follow the path around a corner and the mood changes again as you enter the old goat paddock. This area, once home to our two pet goats, is now a tranquil wooded walk, where camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas thrive and put on a spectacular show in the spring.  After the goats had gone to their heavenly home, their shelter became a den for our small grandchildren to play in.  But that was a long time ago!

When we decided to retire from our nursery business, the land that became available was turned into yet more garden and thus was born the Far Garden and the summer heather garden.  Surplus polytunnels gave us room for a Secret Garden, and we took the opportunity  to add  a bit of a quirky ‘fun’ to its design. Gardening should always be fun!

A redundant   utility area gave us the space for our latest (and probably our last) big project – a garden planted to celebrate our Diamond Wedding anniversary.  It is not that we are thinking of ‘popping off’ soon, just that there is just no room to expand any further.

Of course, a garden never stands still – do nothing and it becomes a jungle. We are still ‘plantaholics’ and  can’t resist buying any plants we haven’t already got, and with the help of our invaluable gardener, Phil, we are always rethinking, renewing, redesigning, replanting and refurbishing  – and so it goes on…………….!